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The court will consider a number of factors, chiefly whether the minor has the maturity and means to support him or herself and whether the minor is better off living apart from his or her parents.

Research the Law Get Professional Legal Help with Your Legal Ages Concerns States set age limits for certain activities, such as driving a car or becoming a legal adult.

If an employee summoned for jury duty is working a night shift or is working during hours preceding those in which court is normally held, the employee must be excused from work for the shift immediately preceding the employee’s first day of service.

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An employer is not required to pay accrued vacation leave upon separation from employment if the employer’s established policy or employment contract is silent on the matter. An employer may deduct from the wages any fees received by the employee for serving on the jury.

For example, you must be 18 to vote, enter into legal contracts, or purchase a lottery ticket in most states.

But states, including Tennessee, also recognize that people under the age of majority still have to make certain decisions on their own, and may not benefit from a parent's consent.

An employer who employs five (5) or more employees must pay employees for time spent serving jury duty, except employees who are employed on a temporary basis of less than six (6) months.

An employer may cap the amount of vacation leave an employee may accrue over time. Visit our Tennessee State Holidays page for a list of holidays recognized and observed by the state of Tennessee as well as information regarding state laws governing holiday leave for public employers and employees.

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