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The experience of using Facebook on a mobile browser is far from seamless and you will have to patiently await each and every webpage to load.However if accessing your messages is that urgent, here’s how to do so on a mobile browser: However, you have to keep in mind that in order for this method to work you can’t have the Messenger app installed on your phone, if you do you’ll be led back to the Messenger app over and over again.This method allows you to use the chat option on the normal Facebook app without the annoying alert to install Facebook Messenger.

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If a potential issue is detected, a text/email alert is sent to the parent to review the issue, along with recommended actions on how to handle the situation.

Below is a complete list of text slang, (which changes constantly) that we weren't able to share on air, as many are graphic in nature.

What is text slang Text slang, or text speak, is a shorthand children use when communicating digitally in order to have conversations of a mature nature without their parents, teachers or other adults being privy.

This is the next best option to sending a Facebook message urgently without Facebook Messenger.

As Facebook is trying very hard to direct users to the Messenger app, they’re not making it any easier for their mobile web browser users as well.

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