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The cold syrup is made even colder with the addition of ice.

It's a dessert that kids have little patience for, but the older you get, the more you start to appreciate this herbal concoction that seems to revitalise the soul., the deep-fried bread sticks that more often accompany cavernous bowls of rice congee.

Som dtum Thai We'd ordered the som tum with pickled crab but end up receiving the som tum Thai instead.

There's no salted crab funkiness but still plenty of heat in the shredded green papaya pounded with chilli, dried shrimp, green beans and cherry tomatoes.

Rolled in fresh coconut, these dumplings seem to veer deliciously between savoury and sweet.On the left side you'll see chefs making dumplings, making tapioca noodles and manning the ice machine for desserts.The right hand side is the main kitchen, including a charcoal grill and som tum station.After a dinner of make-your-own tofu, monjayaki pancakes and.A fat-free dessert soup, a clear sugar syrup is doused over a mixture of pearl barley, kidney beans, lotus seeds, longans, red dates and more.

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