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2.5/5 4) Piggie Pie This is the song that almost stopped ICP from releasing this album. He takes sh**s, he f***s his old floppy wife, plays with his balls and judges my life." This was the first song that jumped out at me when I first listened to The Great Milenko. His rant is interrupted by his mom screaming, "Bryan!They talk about three different pigs, making an allusion to the nursery rhyme. Get your *** in here right now and finish your homework" It is a very funny sketch, and I can relate to it, having dealt with many people like this over the years. I don't want to waste time going into why, so I'm going to. 1/5 7) Halls Of Illusions Halls Of Illusions tells the story of people walking through hallways in which they see what their lives could have been.

2.5/5 13) Hellalujah Under The Moon and Hellalujah are the only truly powerful songs on the album. 1/5 15) Just Like That This is a more traditional rap song, and is very short.It basically about ICP touring and going to parties.They make references to Faygo, their soft-drink they invented.Under The Moon is a brilliant song, and tells a great story. It tells a story similar to House Of 1000 Corpses: some young people enter, get tormented, and killed. It is very catchy, and an easy way to get onto a Juggalo's good side is to recite the song.Often the song is pretty disgusting, and unappealing.

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