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Be polite and civil and it is always a good idea to refrain from making blasphemous remarks or swearing in a casual way, such as shouting ‘Jesus Christ’ for any reason whatever or making cheeky comments about the religious statues in the house.

Remember that if you are invited for a meal at your girlfriend’s house, it is very likely that her father will want to say grace before anyone starts to eat.

Do not giggle or snigger: if you do not want to join in, stand or sit quietly and passively, there is no need to apologize for not taking part in the Amen.

Should someone pointedly ask you why you did not join in afterwards, then that is different; if your opinion has been solicited, there is no reason why you should not give a candid and truthful answer about your personal views.

The Christian captives were honest and admitted that they were once Muslims.

The IS jihadis demanded the captives reconvert to Islam, but the Christians asserted that they would never renounce their love for Christ. 28, IS militants split the 12 captives into two groups.

Try to bear in mind, however, that a Preacher is often subject to criticism by his parishioners who might take a prurient interest in the personal behavior of his close family.

Here are some tips to help you date a preacher’s daughter: If you are of the same religion as the Preacher, socializing with your date’s family could not be easier.

Just behave the way you would if you were going to a church bazaar…However, if you happen to Jewish or Moslem or Buddhist, you could find yourself in the middle of a conversion campaign.

When being entertained in your girlfriend’s home, remember that you are the guest of her parents.

If you feel strongly about the issue of strict religious beliefs, now is probably not the best time to air them unless you are specifically invited to enter into a debate.

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