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Imagine my surprise thirty minutes later, when, after lying in the dark talking for what seemed like an hour, without warning, I felt her lips against mine. The next night, after driving to a friend's place in NYC, I audaciously reached down and teased her with my fingers, but she prevented me from pulling off her underwear when I made an attempt. We kissed, I fingered her, she ground against me for all she was worth — and then abruptly she was still.It was just a quick peck, but it stopped me mid-sentence. "I can't help myself," she whispered in the darkness.

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I pulled down my pants, peeled off her underwear, and lay on top of her, hard as a rock.

Hours later, she finished putting everything into its proper place, and it was time to sleep so that we could get an early start in the morning.

We hugged, said goodnight, and then I hesitated before going out the door.

Soon though, we had to turn off the music and heater, because we knew that neither my gas tank or my battery would last through the cold night. When I didn't laugh the suggestion off, my friend looked at me more seriously, and asked if I would honestly be okay with it. We started with me making out with each of them in turn.

Partly because I still harbored hopes that he would fall back in love with me, and partly because I was sick of feeling more immature than all my friends because I was the only remaining virgin, I just shrugged and said "Sure." I took a few shots of the whiskey the boyfriend had swiped for the weekend to fortify myself (even though I hated whiskey). Then, because I felt more comfortable with my close friend, he went down on me while I kissed his boyfriend. Then, the process was repeated, but with each of them penetrating me this time.

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