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*cue zombie noises*Reunited in this new life, Alicia and Elyza seek to take down the usual apocalyptic obstacles, including but not limited to: flesh-eating corpses, overprotective mothers and ghosts from the past.

ORAlicia is in her usual bored, grumpy, morning mood.

She acts impulsively most of the times and she even starts to blatantly avoid Alicia at first.

A good, stable, caring mother, the epitome of functional, and not at all the woman she really is.She recalls: 'I could lie and say "no" but they're journalists. Or I'll be honest since they got to know me for me. Instantly, all of their smiles disappeared, with the exception of the African man.'If people held a grudge against me for something my father did 10 years ago, I wonder if talking to the black press back (then) would've made a difference.Her therapist isn't stupid, though, and eventually he begins to see through her facade. Hints of something cold, something violent, lurks beneath the surface. Alicia finds the person who listens best is someone she doesn’t even talk to.Unresolved issues and a haunted past come to light as her therapist grapples with a series of questions. Each chapter is a seperate day of December leading up to Christmas. AU - if necessary seperate warnings at the start of each chapter. I think its safe to say all Clexa shippers want Elyza Lex/Alicia Clark, but we have to be reasonable with her entry. The Clark family have been kicked off of Strand’s ship and now they must learn to survive in harsher circumstances.*AN UPDATE A DAY* Madison Clark goes to liquor store, Claire Dunphy does the same, and over cigarettes and cheap liquor the two blonde mothers learn that have more in common than they would have guessed. It's Halloween 2016 and the Clark/Manawa family invite some friends around for a party. Do we honestly think she'll just meet Alicia out of the clear blue sky and everything will be roses, chocolates and sunshine? One day they come across two people who offer them the chance to join their community; Alexandria.

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