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Venus lines up a backhand but skews it well, well wide. While this is a private affair between the Williams sisters the umpire is a Brit, Alison Hughes.

Long twice more from Serena and Venus has the hold! Vicious return on the second serve, lands on the baseline and Serena can only help it into the net. Venus draws level, firing some shots across the net and finding the corner with a backhand that Serena can only dump long. Good rally, Venus giving as good as she's got and Serena eventually swings long. Net cord against Serena this time and as she aims for the corner she puts it wide. But she's got two break points to contend with, serve straight at Serena is deposited with venom. Venus has the entire court to aim at, Serena follows it and fires a cross-court winner. MIKE DICKSON: It is a very pleasant early evening in Melbourne for part one of the Australian Open’s timewarp finals weekend.

Trading blows from the baseline, both go long to make it 15-15. And that's lovely from Serena, moves into the net on the next return and a delicate backhand volley to move to break point. Venus finds the line with a sensational winner, and it's 0-30 as Serena goes long again. Venus has 30-0 but she finds the net with a backhand. The crowd are really on Venus' side so far, they want that fairytale story. But into the net on the next return and Serena has game point now. Venus saves the second break point with a backhand down the line. And again, Serena breaks, the third in three games. Serena works her way to the net, Venus attempts a lob but it's long. Double fault, bit of a bad break with the net cord and Venus is on the scoreboard in this game. Venus finds herself 0-30 down after a couple of unforced errors and responds with an ace down the T.

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Patrick Bour, ESPN’s director of television and marketing, said: “The US Open is an iconic sports event and one of ESPN’s premier broadcast properties around the world, and we’re extremely excited to now be showing it on our networks in Australia and New Zealand.

Serena fires from the hip and punishes a Venus serve with a backhand winner.

Serena means business now, and another ace down the line is followed by an unreturnable out wide. Easy as you like, the 22-Grand Slam champion is one game away. The two trade blows from the back of the court, Venus on top for most of it but Serena stays in and gets Venus wide and forces the mistake.

Yet another break point, but it's an ace down the T. But she fires a brutal ground stroke to come back to deuce.

A warning from the umpire and a broken racket to boot.

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