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The property vendor's interest is fully-carried and non-contributing until the completion of a feasibility study, at which time the property vendor will receive an additional 1 million shares.All costs incurred by Condor on behalf of the property vendor following completion of the feasibility study will be recouped with interest from the property vendor's 15% share of production icrc's internal audit unit is one of the organization's statutory bodies charged with exercising general oversight.Your life is under a magnifying lens and hundreds of people try to peer through it to get a slice of what you do everyday (whether they have nothing better to do with their life is for another discussion another day). Take a look at Basso's seriously important Twitter updates.I guess we all cried at one point for cycling to be more 'transparent'. I reckon the 4500 followers who, gaping wide at their screens every minute of the day to religiously read his lines in real time, think they Entertaining. Some years ago, he said this to a disciplinary panel, appearing completely righteous in the face of adversity : But don't get me wrong. He's such a simpleton that he's even modest about his doping.In fact, if you select the message, it will show you a details screen, but you’ll find that everything was right there on the main screen in the first place. Just highlight the message, pop up the menu (with either select or the menu key on my Blackberry Pearl), and choose reply.

The Inbox also shows any replies sent your way via the normal @username thing. It may seem like I’m nit-picking Tiny Twitter to death, and perhaps I am, but it comes from love.

Not that this choice actually seems to do anything.

I haven’t experimented enough to see if this is an artifact of my overall Blackberry settings (I tend to use a pretty small font) or just something goofy about Tiny Twitter, but I can live with it.

The property vendor holds a 1% net smelter returns royalty, and a 15% interest carried to commercial production.

Condor has the right to purchase the royalty at any time for US,000,000.

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