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That's good because it protects your identity, and keeps your personal information safe.

It's important to think about what information people can see about you online, and follow the tips in the text above. I don't post everything like what I'm doing and all.

He said he can easily find my photos and adress on Facebook. Some people start their blog as an outlet for their frustrations, enjoying pretending somebody else to show off or whatever; others seek an outlet for pent-up feelings such as complaint and anger. Anyway, I began to think we need to regard online world as a different world from our real life and they are separated, which we need to be aware of! ((((・ิ(・ิω(・ิω・ิ)ω・ิ)・ิ)))) Hi Wesal, You're right - but usually when you register on a website, the website doesn't make your email address public, they keep it on their database in case they need to contact you at any time.

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I set my privacy settings very well, i don't allow people to look at my profile before they became my friends and i always think twice before accepting them as my friends.

When your dog has a digestive disorder you want the most reliable form of relief.

Fortunately, selecting the right pet food is often the answer.

Best wishes, Jo (Learn English Teens Team) Social networks are, probably, the root of some crimes.

I make sure that I don't provide my email ID to whichever site wants it. I also don't like to chat for long periods on the internet, because sitting on the chair and staring at the computer screen makes me extremely bored.

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