Updating avg from directory

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In my case, I don’t want any other deployment, so I entered the letter ‘E’ to Terminate the deployment.

AVG command line Anti-Virus scanner Copyright (c) 2013 AVG Technologies CZ Virus database version: 4257/9260 Virus database release date: Mon, 0530 Files scanned : 10246(180) Infections found : 0(0) PUPs found : 0 Files healed : 0 Warnings reported : 0 Errors reported : 0 I wouldn’t say Antivirus program for Linux is important, but it is recommended if you running Linux system in a mixed mode network environments.

No downtime of the rack is required, however individual servers may require downtime, and be taken outside of the cluster temporarily.

The disk drives in each database server are controlled by an LSI Mega RAID SAS 9261-8i or 9361-8i disk controller. There are four disk drives in each Oracle Exadata Database Machine X6-2, Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5-2, Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-2, Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3-2, and Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 database server.

The virtual device 0 should have four drives, and the state is To verify physical drive configuration, use the following command to verify the database server physical drive configuration: For Linux, use the following command to verify the database server physical drive configuration: . The output for Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3-8 Full Rack or Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-8 Full Rack should be eight lines of output showing a state of If the output is different, then investigate and correct the problem.

'/home/|/var/samba/' or type 'Enter' for default /home/ directory): AVG command line setup Copyright (c) 2013 AVG Technologies CZ Your location: Exit: Success!

Congratulations, AVG pro Linux/Free BSD has been deployed successfully.

The database servers have the same availability in terms of RAID 5 redundancy, and can survive the loss of one drive.

When a drive failure happens Auto Service Request sends out a notification to replace the faulty drive at the earliest opportunity.

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