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Number of attempts to lock the file, at 1 second intervals, before returning an error. If nonzero, LOCK_NB is added to flock Mode; if zero, a single locking attempt will be made, blocking until the lock is available.name of journaling file, or reference to a list of arguments for "open" in perlfunc. If specified as a simple file name, it will be be opened in ' will not find the record with key 123, unless the word '123' appears somewhere in the other fields.Perl is an interpreted language that's available on most web server packages.

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Membership is 50% off and gives you all the scripts, ebooks, services and professional website templates. Here's one such scenario: I was designing a site for two movie theaters in Georgia.They wanted their movie showtimes on their site, with a link to the movie's website, a picture, a rating, etc.This is useful to generate keys : when you write a record, the character '#' in that field will be replaced by a fresh number, incremented automatically.This number will be 1 the largest number read so far (it is your responsability to read all records before the first write operation).

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