Updating iphone software different computer

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If you see error 1671, i Tunes is downloading necessary software. To see how long the download should take, click the down arrow in the upper-right corner of i Tunes. Or you might be trying to install an earlier version of i OS (downgrading).

Did you know that Apple often updates i OS, adding new features and cool new tools?You also need time and some measure of patience; software updates can sometimes take a long time to download due to their size.But, the improved performance, stability, security and added features that you enjoy afterward on your i Phone make updating well worth the effort. You'll see a navigation sidebar on the left and a main pane on the right.Click on your Web browser to make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. Connect your i Phone to your computer using the USB cable that came with it.For best results, plug into a USB 2.0 port, which is typically located behind your computer rather than on its keyboard or monitor.

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