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This feature means you could record one loop for one section of your song (eg: verse), then record another loop for another section (eg: chorus) then switch back and forth as you like during playback.

It’s a feature that isn’t available on single pedal loopers.

There are plenty of different looper pedals available so read through this review to get an idea of the features available in the Boss RC-30 Loop Station.

Then after reading this review check out my Ultimate Guide to Looper Pedals to see alternatives and other features that you might want in a looper pedal.

The feature sets of these Loop Stations vary, with each supporting the unique needs of different types of looping musicians, including guitarists, keyboardists, vocalists, and others. Its compact size and simple operation make it perfect for use with guitar and bass, though it also works great with other instruments like synths and electronic percussion.

Incredibly intuitive to use, the RC-1’s single integrated pedal switch controls all looping functions: record, overdub, play, stop, and undo/redo.

This is a nice feature as you can use it for a traditional verse-chorus type song.

The RC-30 allows you to create and layer two loops that can easily be switched back and forth during a live performance.

One of the complaints some people have with the Ditto is that it’s hard to stop the playback on time as it requires a double-tap on the switch.Loop level is adjusted with a single panel knob, while the cool circular indicator provides 24 LEDs that show the current operation mode and the cycle of the active loop.The RC-30 also offers the most input options of all the compact Loop Stations.For example the BOSS RC-3 and the Ditto both have only one footswitch. With the RC-30’s two pedals, you have a lot more flexibility which makes this an excellent pedal when playing live.For example with the RC-30 the left pedal controls the recording/overdubbing/playback modes as well as undo and loop fx features.

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