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Why is this update contained in 36 files instead of one??? Somehow I got it to work, but I was missing my Wi-Fi icon, and the 5-way navigator was wonky.

Palm's web site says:"Note: This update cannot be installed with Life Drive Manager to your device's hard drive. Joseph Drayton The whole process, for me and my LD, took about 45 minutes. Joseph My Life Drive got stuck in endless reboots after doing a restore. In Favorites, up and down did not work, and neither did select.

Why does this update require Hot Sync to install it???

Why can't we simply just copy the 36 update files to our Palm's RAM from its hard drive or an SD Card and run the installer manually like we used to be able to do in the past with older Palms?

Limited hard reset (not erasing HD) is a big bonus.

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That would temporilly fix the problem, but when you hard reset you have to copy the files over again."After copying the 36 update files to your Palm's RAM, one of them is called Rom Updater.prc, which you'd run to update the ROM. Why not wait until they have a reliable update BEFORE releasing it in the first place? A T|X isn't an upgrade from the LD -- not anymore than a new coupe would be an upgrade from my one-year-old van. Any changes there or are the wireless cahnges limited to wi-fi? s=9f3297ddd5845e96a75f98a6ebdbdc2c&threadid=86227 Also, where did Palm ever mention the LD's tradeoffs? That is all I tested before I did the secure erase. I followed the instructions to the letter and it took about 30 minutes to update my LD rom.It is clear that some have not done this and they seem to be the ones with problems.In spite of the claim here somewhere, the BH forums are basically happy with the update as are the great majority at 1src....The installer was designed to be transferred via Hot Sync operation only. Cancel the update program, close all applications and files you may have open, hotsync your palm so everything's backed up, and try it again. Still haven't got it to sync with Gmail for some reason, but I haven't tried to push it very hard. Any performance improvements whatsoever or is the HD still lagging etc? There is a mild lag, but it seems less than before--although, truth be told, it seems more due to the large apps the LD encourages use of than anything else. Any changes there or are the wireless cahnges limited to wi-fi? The "wireless file sending" feature is all BT or Versamail, FWIW. Chime in if/when you experience any of the NUMEROUS Versa Mail crashes I experienced on two separate units! The final Hot Sync for restoring the original data can take a while. Kevin How long did the actual update on the Life Drive itself take? I did the hard reset because the Life Drive was soft resetting every 00hrs for the last 0035hrs that I was waiting. I have now got both of my Life Drives updated and am a happy camper. Resetting the device did not help, so I was forced to do a secure erase, which is a shame, since I have had a stable Life Drive since Aug.I had an open Docs 2 Go file, that caused the hotsync to fail. How come this update can only be installed by a Hot Sync, according to Palm? All we had to do was copy the installer our Palm's RAM and run it. Used to be a Palm licensee would go through countless iterations before a release. I was just looking at one of these in best buy about an hour ago. I never used Voice Memo all that much, but I did just noice a "set voice as alarm" and the same "send" function that taps Versamail, IR, or Bluetooth. MAJOR UPDATE: I finally got this thing to work and have noted some important steps you may want to do in order to make it a bit smoother in Hot Syncing. The Wi-Fi signal is at least twice as good as it was before.

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