Updating windows xp cd

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Since then, I've found the same technique works with Server 2003 as well as other flavors of Windows. Here is the original scenario: You've got a computer you've just re-installed all of Windows XP.

Like a good computer professional, before turning it back over to the client, you are going to apply all the service packs, patches, and updates that Microsoft might want the system to have.

Gather your CDs and external drives or whatever you used to store the programs earlier and get to installing.

For some programs, you might want to download the latest versions. It's all there in a folder called Windows.old, where you can manually move everything back into the proper directories under Windows 7.

The last thing before we get to the actual Windows 7 disc is to download and run the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard.

This will allow you to back up all your files and settings to an external hard drive. Launch the wizard and make sure your external drive is plugged in.

Finally, choose your external drive and begin the backup.

After much hoop jumping and Microsoft Fix-It downloads that didn't fix it, I turned and did the same procedure below (though I did have to do more than just 2 files) and that server is now happily updating.But we don't have to mess with that, since we did the Easy Transfer Wizard earlier. Then click Start, choose computer, and under hard disk drives, choose the external drive where you stored your transfer data. You've upgraded, slowly and slightly painfully, from Windows XP to Windows 7.Find the file you should have named "Windows Easy Transfer--Items from old computer" and double click. If you want to save a lot of this hassle, you can get a program that will move all your data and your installed applications for you.Except when you go to update.(or windowsupdate.microsoft.com, or windowsupdate.com, or whatever URL that redirects you to the Microsoft update engine), all you get is a referral to article 2497281 that says you should try a few steps manually.I'm going to jump ahead quite a bit - I tried all the things suggested in that article, then tried other things others found and did, and had no success.

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