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He slowed his stroking down, he was already really close to cumming.Ellie circled her fingers around her erect nipples and the gasped silently when she grabbed her breast in her hand. Think of the mess Jack." She hadn't stopped looking at him as she spoke. We have a new Masturbation and Erotic Stories Community at Solo We’ve decided to combine our community features from Masturbationpage.com, Club and in one place to bring Masturbation enthusiasts together in one location.He released his cock and opened his mouth to speak."No," Ellie instructed, "carry on." Jack gripped his cock again and, looking straight at Ellie, he slowly started stroking his cock.He could see her pussy mound because the gown was open. "Morning Jack," Ellie whispered, "what are you doing?

In his head the two girls were kissing passionately and grinding their pussies into each other. They adjusted to the low light and he made out the familiar shapes in his spare room. His mind raced back to the fun that he had had with Anna and Ellie last night. Jack grasped his cock and started to stroke the shaft underneath the sheet. He then thought he could tiptoe into the bathroom and finish himself off in there. He would never be able to make it to the bathroom now. Anna lightly padded across the landing towards his door. He reached across to check his phone for the time: am. He could feel his hard cock straining underneath the sheets. Jack's cock pulsed as he thought of the two of them together in bed and the things they had got up to without him there. He stopped and moved onto his elbows to have a closer look around the room.Jack started to pucker up to kiss her properly but she pulled away and lay down exactly where he was a few seconds ago.Her silk nightie had come open and he could see her body in its full glory as he looked down at her on the bed. Even though she was flat on her back, they were still pert and supported on her chest.

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