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This seal, shown below, is characterized by it's rounded corners, and more glossy material.The USPC likely switched to this style due to it's better adhesive and easier manufacture.They did, though, change their seal design much more often than other companies.I am sure of the order of these stamps, but not sure in the dates.

The Later records not in combination set are sorted by classification value (I - Invention or A - Additional), then by classification symbol order ascending. Patent Grant Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) Master Classification File contains CPC classification information for all Utility patent grants issued by the U. The records in each file are sorted first by patent number ascending and kind code. S Patent Application Master Classification File is available bimonthly (i.e., once every two months, usually by the second week in odd months). Classifications appear first followed by the Secondary U.

Revisions to the Basic Manual occur at 6-month intervals.

Pages of the Manual revisions are inserted as replacements to update the previous versions.

Arrco has existed since the early 1920's (though until 1935 it was named, 'Arrow Playing Card Co.'), and is probably the second most popular manufacturing company in terms of quality and use.

I know much less about the exact dates of the use of each of the seals used by Arrco.

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