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Check out this video for a quick data validation overview.You can download an example workbook with all of the data validation examples you'll find in this article.Validating, manipulating, and obtaining information concerning the performance of multiple execution plans for the same query can be valuable in other environments as well.In this context, the term “validation” is taken as a generic term to include other operations and manipulations involving multiple alternative plans for a database query, and also to include determinations of absolute or relative information concerning such plans.You don't need to worry about whatever the Data box shows, as that's disabled with the Custom option.Note: You must enter the data validation formula for cell A2 first, then copy A2 to A3: A10 so that the second argument to the COUNTIF will match the current cell.You can follow along, or create your own data validation scenarios.

Note: The following examples use the Custom option where you write formulas to set your conditions.Although search engines and optimizers involve a high degree of expertise to design, many of them are available from a number of different sources.There are situations where it is desirable to obtain information about execution plans in addition to the one chosen by the optimizer for execution.Why would it work on my own PC copy of VS2005 and not on the server itself where the website is already hosted? The other thing is, if I try and drag the control over to my website using VS2005 from my own PC, it works fine, I see the control in ASP and all the assembly references, but when I run it, I get permission errors. Validation of large numbers of alternative execution plans for a database query, either an exhaustive enumeration of the complete space of alternatives, or else an unbiased random sample, is performed by efficiently constructing execution trees from a data structure having groups alternative operators that are ranked in a directory.

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