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Before doing so, however, consider the expectations of users with respect to the behavior of check boxes.Do they expect check boxes to provide multiple choices?When you specify On values, the default values are integer values starting with “1” for the first radio button in the exclusion group that was added to the form.If you deselect the Specify Item Values option, the On values will match the radio button caption text.

When the radio button is cleared, its state is Off and its value is not registered.If so, you should maintain the standard and not apply radio button functionality to check box images.After you add a radio button to the form design, you can edit the caption text and manipulate the object’s properties in the Field, Value, and Binding tabs of the Object palette.We use return false; because when this function is called when the form is submitted and if this textbox is found empty the page shouldn’t be submitted so returning the boolean value false with prevent the form from being submitted.An HTML combobox shows a dropdown list of items from which one item is selected.

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