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Where possible, the Basic Security Profile 1.1 places requirements on artifacts (e.g., WSDL descriptions, SOAP messages) rather than the producing or consuming software's behaviors or roles.Artifacts are concrete, making them easier to verify and therefore making conformance easier to understand and less error-prone.When the Basic Security Profile 1.1 cannot address an issue in a specification it references, this information is communicated to the appropriate body to assure its consideration.Backwards compatibility with deployed Web services is not a goal for the Basic Security Profile 1.1, but due consideration is given to it; the Profile does not introduce a change to the requirements of a referenced specification unless doing so addresses specific interoperability issues.If WS-I does incorporate some or all of your Feedback in a future version of the work, it may, but is not obligated to include your name (or, if you are identified as acting on behalf of your company, the name of your company) on a list of contributors to the work.If the foregoing is not acceptable to you and any company on whose behalf you are acting, please do not provide any Feedback.Although communication of application semantics can be facilitated by the technologies that comprise the Basic Security Profile 1.1, assuring the common understanding of those semantics is not addressed by it.

WS-I does not attempt to assure the interoperability of these protocols and technologies as a whole.

When possible, the Basic Security Profile 1.1 aligns its requirements with in-progress revisions to the specifications it references.

This aids implementers by enabling a graceful transition, and assures that WS-I does not 'fork' from these efforts.

Feedback on this document should be directed to [email protected]

This document defines the WS-I Basic Security Profile 1.1 (hereafter, "Profile"), consisting of a set of non-proprietary Web services specifications, along with clarifications to and amplifications of those specifications which promote interoperability.

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