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While the term can include acts committed in the air, on land (especially across national borders or in connection with taking over and robbing a car or train), or in other major bodies of water or on a shore, this article focuses on maritime piracy.It does not normally include crimes committed against people traveling on the same vessel as the perpetrator (e.g.Historic examples include the waters of Gibraltar, the Strait of Malacca, Madagascar, the Gulf of Aden, and the English Channel, whose geographic strictures facilitated pirate attacks.Privateering uses similar methods to piracy, but the captain acts under orders of the state authorizing the capture of merchant ships belonging to an enemy nation, making it a legitimate form of war-like activity by non-state actors.Vikings also attacked the coasts of North Africa and Italy and plundered all the coasts of the Baltic Sea.Some Vikings ascending the rivers of Eastern Europe as far as the Black Sea and Persia.The most widely known and far-reaching pirates in medieval Europe were the Vikings, seaborne warriors from Scandinavia who raided and looted mainly between the 8th and 12th centuries, during the Viking Age in the Early Middle Ages.They raided the coasts, rivers and inland cities of all Western Europe as far as Seville, which was attacked by the Norse in 844.

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The Aegean coast suffered similar attacks a few years later.

They also use larger vessels, known as "mother ships", to supply the smaller motorboats.

The international community is facing many challenges in bringing modern pirates to justice, as these attacks often occur in international waters.

one passenger stealing from others on the same vessel).

Piracy or pirating is the name of a specific crime under customary international law and also the name of a number of crimes under the municipal law of a number of states.

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