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By lying, we usually mean misleading someone, both on a conscious as well as unconscious level (not in psychoanalytic terms).

In the following paragraphs we will focus only on purposeful misleading of others.

In 1992 lying on the internet was still considered rather uncommon (Curtis, 1992).

After two years of observation of social interactions of more than 3500 players on MUD servers, which are used to meet people and play various roles in a fictive world, Curtis ends the study with a statement that suspicion of lying was most often expressed towards women playing woman characters.

In accordance with Bargh, Mc Kenna, and Fitzsimons (2002), the visual anonymity of the internet has a direct influence on the amount of self-disclosure and sincerity.

The feeling of anonymity can lead users to behavior impeaching common social norms which would remain hidden in the real world (Reid, 1991).

The share of lying in communication tends to differ in various studies.

We have studied who are the most frequent recipients of lies and have found no significant differences between women and men in this respect; lying to individuals of the same gender is however more frequent for women, whereas lying toward the group of people is more typical for men.

For various age groups, we can thus differentiate various areas about which they feel the greatest urge to lie – for the youngest group this includes age and physical appearance, most often in chat rooms.

We have taken into account the effect of various environments on various subjects of lies: lying about one’s age, gender, employment, education, income, appearance.

Results were compared based on gender as well as age groups – 914 respondents in total were divided into three age groups, namely adolescents (12-18), emerging adults (19-26) and adults (27 ).

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