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Instead of celebrating the holidays last year, Oh The People You Meet’s founder, Michaela, traveled to Cambodia to create a video on “How to be a Responsible Traveler”.This video is meant to inspire travelers to ask yourselves the tough questions before you go, do your research, understand your own intention in trying to help, to inspire you to travel and ultimately to make sustainable decisions.It’s up to each of you, the individual travelers, to do your research and take responsibility for the impact you will have in the destinations that you visit.We hope you walk away inspired to travel to one of the most beautiful countries in the world and empowered to help conquer the root cause.While there are always areas of grey, we hope that by bringing to light this very real problem, giving you the viewers an opportunity to hear for yourself and ask questions, we can focus on the real matter at hand, empowering women and girls to have a voice and to break this vicious cycle through financial independence and sustainable careers.The struggles the people of Cambodia face sadly go beyond human trafficking.The stark poverty, lack of education, medical services and jobs is staggering.However we met inspiring people and companies working to support the people of this developing nation.

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All three men were charged under the Protect Act, which became law in 2003 and made it easier for U. authorities to prosecute people for overseas sex crimes. because they could face sentences of up to 30 years for each alleged victim, if convicted, said U. Attorney Thomas O'Brien."We believe that the sentences that they're going to be facing, should they be convicted in U. custody, are going to be severely stronger sentences," he said.Men, while the monk, Nhem Kim Teng, who is a Cambodian national and currently on a religious visa in the U. The city councilor also called for restraint in Lowell, where the Cambodian community has long been divided along political lines and has bickered for years regarding the land on which the new pagoda would be built.S., had been dismissed and is no longer at the pagoda, Mr. The whereabouts of Nhem Kim Teng are not known, and Ms. Nuon said, adding that Cambodian authorities had already been notified of the monk’s behavior, and a formal complaint would be made to the Ministry of Cults and Religion in Phnom Penh through the Cambodian Embassy in the U. Nhem Kim Teng also runs Santi Sena, a Buddhist environmental education and reforestation NGO founded in Svay Rieng province in 1994, which is based out of a pagoda in Svay Rieng City and is funded in part by development NGO Terres des Hommes Germany.Men has secluded herself in Trairatanaran pagoda since the scandal broke. Men for comment were unsuccessful.“We don’t know where he is, but his [religious] U. Sam An, program director for Santi Sena and acting director while Nhem Kim Teng is in the U.S., said he did not believe the allegations of an inappropriate relationship with Ms.

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