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Should I use those, take a personal loan or file for bankruptcy?Answer: A good rule of thumb is to leave retirement money alone for retirement.Answer: Yes, you should be entitled to a survivor benefit that's either equal to what your wife was getting at her death, or what she would have received at full retirement age if she died before applying for her benefits.A reduced survivor's benefit is available starting at age 60.

(Homeownership is expensive enough without dragging costly credit card debt into the financial picture.) It may take a few months to start seeing improvements, but they should come.

There are several ways you can boost your scores in the coming months.

First, get your actual credit reports from all three credit bureaus at If you're asked for one, you're on the wrong site.) Scan the reports for errors, such as accounts that aren't yours or late payments showing when you paid on time.

Early withdrawals can trigger taxes and penalties that eat up one quarter to one half of what you take out.

You can always withdraw your contributions tax free from a Roth, but any earnings can trigger taxes and penalties.

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