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:)Erin Looking for a book I read sometime between 20, dont remember when exactly, I was at a library.The book is historical fiction, set in medieval/renaissance time period in England.One of the twin daughters wants to join a convent, but the father is outraged and sends her to marry a distant relative in Brazil.She ends up married to an invalid and is involved with the invalid's brother.The heroine gets along well with Y and the book is mainly about their growing attachment and about the heroine's weight loss and weight/self esteem issues.At some point, she goes to a wedding or something like that and gets to know some footballers' wives.She is mistaken for a teenager and is hired by her neighbor as a housekeeper or assistant? He comes to the Heroine's grandmother's island to shoot a pirate film. Theres another scene in which the hero shoots for a new perfume ad in which he wears a lab coat.She pretends to be a teenager and the neighbor is conflicted because he is attracted to everyone, m new her and i hope some one can help me find this book, i have been looking for it for a long time:i read the book around 10 years back. Thanks in advance I really wish there was some sort of database where you could search keyword plot lines to books and find titles! I've been looking for a book I read years ago and thought someone may be able to help.

I don't remember either the title or author but somewhat the premise.

She is really young-14 or so** This was a big part of the storyline-I remember the h is not happy about her upcoming marriage to the H-so maybe he won the castle in a siege, etc.

In fact no one at the castle is happy about the H's presence-I think I remember the h has been running the castle by herself for a while now-though I may be getting that from another book. I know it's not a Harlequin, I also know it's not The Black Lyon book. The heroine was a nurse in the civil war and was a year later down on her luck.

I do not remember title or author ( I had thought it was Kathleen E Woodiwiss) But I cannot find it if it was. heroine is in Hero's mansion/ home, he is believed to be deceased.

But he is just injured, His portrait hangs in the bedroom and he comes to the room at night pretending to be a ghost and appears to walk out of the portrait.

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