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But the doctors warn not all cases of premature birth have such happy endings.

Fiber boosts survival rates of those diagnosed – even of diet was poor before, found a Harvard Medical School study.

Hassan, whose family’s full name has not been released, suffered from ‘butterfly disease’, which makes human skin as delicate as the insect’s wings and likely to blister and peel off at the slightest touch.

He has been covered in blisters and wounds since he was a few days old and before the operation most of his body looked like an open wound.

But now doctors have saved him after growing an almost completely new skin for him in the laboratory (right).

The outbreak, which has been described as the 'worst in 50 years' and deemed to be at 'crisis' point, has now infected 1,947 people in the country off the coast of Africa.

New figures from the World Health Organization also show the 'medieval disease' has now claimed the lives of 143 people.

It comes amid warnings that cases could reach mainland Africa, with nine countries placed on high alert (left) and told to brace for potential outbreaks.

Experts are concerned as the outbreak of plague in Madagascar this year is being fueled by a strain more lethal than the one which usually strikes the country.

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