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I didn’t ask what the role was, or what the story was, or anything. It was probably the first and only time I’ve ever done that, where I’ve just said yes to something without even reading it because I just had so much trust that whatever the role was, it was going to be so layered and exciting and fun to do. It’s been so much fun and beyond anything that I could have imagined. He feels like he’s got this girl on his arm that he just worships, and that gets him what he needs.I had no doubts, especially as a female character, that he would bring so much to it, because of what he had done in the past two seasons. I thought that I would be playing a really polite housewife or something. I think they really feed off one another’s energy in that way. The love is totally real, because, you know, they just work together. Like Nikki says, they’re “simpatico.”She is very patient with him, too, which no one else is. I think there is a little bit in her that’s, you know, that girl that’s always trying to mold their boyfriend into the man they want them to be.Certainly after I saw the first couple of seasons, I was dying to be a part of it. I thought that I would be playing a really polite housewife or something. I don’t necessarily know that it’s the healthiest relationship in the world… You know, she likes having someone that will hang on to her every word, and do what she says, and take her advice.When he called and asked if I was available [for Season 3], I said, “Yes,” without hesitation. ” I’m actually really comfortable with this, just having the time of my life." data-reactid="60"And was Nikki even beyond your expectations of what your character would be? I never expected that I’d be on universe of a femme fatale. He likes having someone who makes him feel better about himself as a man. I’m trying not to get totally depressed with the prospect of the season being almost over for us, in terms of shooting, because I’ve become very attached to her as a character. She’s probably the sexiest character that I’ve ever played, and I’ve kind of avoided characters like that for awhile. I think [series creator Noah Hawley’s] dialogue is so much fun to say.

I’ve kind of been in touch with Noah over the past couple of years. He feels like he’s got this girl on his arm that he just worships, and that gets him what he needs.

I think there’s something about Nikki Swango that helps me really get into my sexy period. I tried to find roles where I was either, you know, older or frumpier or something, to really go in that direction… I think maybe I just felt like I had other things I needed to work on before I could focus on that.

Now it’s just fun because I have so much confidence in myself as an actor and in all the other things I bring to the table…

Not his brother, certainly, as we see especially in this week’s episode with the diner meeting, not Sy. But she does it in such a sweet way, and a way that’s kind of all about positivity, and going toward your best self and all of those things that I think are unexpected for a girl like her, an ex-con and all that. She really, I think, brings Ray in on that and encourages him in so many ways.

But Nikki is, even after he botches the stamp plan with Maurice. It makes him feel good about himself, and it makes her feel good about herself, that she has someone she can do that for.

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