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Consequently, according to his theory, the temples were so placed that on the day settled on the calendar as the birthday and feast day of the god the rays of the rising sun fell along the axis of the temple and thus also on his statue.This theory suffers, however, from the fatal uncertainty as to the date the day of dedication fell on.He claimed that the position of the front depended on the altitude of the sun of the feast day of the respective god.Nissen started from the assumption that the Greeks and Romans regarded the gods and manifestations of the world-preserving spirit, and as such subordinated them to the original symbol of the world-spirit, the sun.

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When new temples were built precincts already consecrated to the divinity were preferably chosen.There was, as a rule, only one sacrificial table in the temple and only one altar in front of it.The cella of the temple contained the most important object, the statue of the divinity, which stood on a pedestal against the rear wall opposite the entrance.Among the Greeks, also, the worship of trees seems to be indicated by the word for temple, naos , which according to some authorities originally signified "tree" or "tree trunk".It is certain that the Greeks believed that at Dodona they hear the voice of the gods foretelling the future from the rustling of the sacred oaks.

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