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As for what exactly Maesters do, their duties cover a pretty wide range of things.Maesters train ravens to send long-distance communications throughout Westeros, and they’re responsible for that network.The group’s headquarters, and where maesters are trained, is the Citadel, which is located in Oldtown in Westeros.There, the Maesters have a massive library and a huge store of knowledge dating back thousands of years.

That has not, to be clear, a flaw in the show — there’s just a lot going on with the Maesters that you probably wouldn’t have picked up just from watch. The Maesters are an order of scholars, healers and scientists that functions not all that much unlike the Night’s Watch of the Wall.Then water is shot directly at their butt, usually by a hose or water gun.Bra Connection Wedgie (Always on a Girl): Give the girl a wedgie, unhook her bra and rehook it through the leg holes of her underwear.“Game of Thrones” covers a huge world with plenty of characters, and over six seasons, lots of important people have come and gone.When they’ve gone, they’ve mostly been killed in all manner of awful ways.

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