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John has been getting at the mini-caked misses publicly on Twitter for a few months now, but he recently stepped it up a knotch and even looped Chris Breezy into the mix.

Once a few of Karrueche’s followers took notice to John jumping on team Tran, one of the followers even “introduced” the John to Kae: This was back in December, but John stepped up his game more recently and brought Breezy into the converstaion.

Lauren is a tall lady, having been a college volleyball player.

she sound dumb & John a dickhead for even talkin to a person like that who always yelling & shouting all over the place 🚮🚮🚮 he does not date hazel and never did your friend should never feel threatened by her, but your friend is a dummy if she thinks she is the only one..theres hundreds of girls he talks/sleeps with get real..

There’s just a lot going on for those guys, but with Mikala– I sort of wonder if the two don’t just talk about basketball all the time since their lives have been so wrapped up in…John Wall’s girlfriend Hazel Renee has her own modeling website loaded with all kinds of information about her, so it’s not too hard to get an idea of the kind of lady she is.

Her interesting look comes from being Filipino, African American, and Puerto Rican.

Hit the flip to see his latest message for Kae and her ex loverboy… Neither John Wall nor Karrueche have come forward to deny or confirm that they’re coupled up as of yet, but given how things worked out in her last relationship, we wouldn’t be surprised if Kae never spoke about who she’s dating again.

According to SI, Wall was listed as questionable on the Wizards’ injury report after suffering five non-displaced fractures in his left hand and wrist during Game 1 of the series on May 3.

She tells how from the young age of 9 started performing and entertaining.

They don’t even look like that will work yet along mesh together like wat the fckkkk 😭😭😭🤔 Yeooo!

If he really fukin wit that wack ass tapes bitch them i gottaaaa go from John for real some bitch just blew her up on twitter 😭 like how Kashdoll & John even come across ?!

Maybe next time he can spend more than three words on the topic.

The rumor mill has been swirling for a few weeks with talk that Chris Brown’s ex boo-thang Karrueche is letting Washington Wizards baller John Wall slam dunk her goodies.

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