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New role: Lillo Brancato (pictured second right with, from left, actor Joe D'Onofrio, actor and producer William De Meo and director Paul Borghese) has landed a role in 'Back in the Day' about a fighter from Brooklyn In December 2005, Brancato tried to break into an apartment with Steven Armento, a low-level mobster and the father of his girlfriend, to steal Valium but NYPD officer Daniel Enchautegui heard glass break as they entered the building and confronted them.

In December 2005, Brancato was charged with second-degree murder for his role in a burglary in the Bronx, New York in which an off-duty police officer, Daniel Enchautegui, confronted two burglars and was killed in a shootout.

The actor said he accepts “full responsibility for how my actions and my drug addiction contributed to the death of that heroic police officer.” Still, “with that being said, I wasn’t armed, I didn’t shoot anyone, I’ve never been armed in my life,” Brancato added.

While on parole, Brancato said, he spent months staying on the straight and narrow and “planting the seeds” for a potential career comeback.

Brancato said he has been sober for more than eight years and goes to Narcotics Anonymous meetings three to five times a week.

As for his detractors, the actor said, “The only thing I can do is be positive and do positive things and show people that I am a better person, and, you know, hopefully, one day they’ll look at the situation and look at how much I’ve changed. And there was a strong possibility that I would never see daylight again from outside those prison walls,” he said.

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