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“The funny thing is, back in the day it used to be the parents who would be really aggressive,” Jonas says.Mothers and daughters were known to jump into the back of the brothers’ tour van.In the finale of the first season, Nate has sex with a man in an alley behind a gay bar.

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He was a good sport: They ended up hanging out with the singer for more than an hour, pretending to be friends of a friend while Jonas played along.They wore “purity rings,” which they promoted to their fans, signs they’d taken a vow not to have sex before marriage.Their nonthreatening, squeaky-clean image appealed to parents, too—sometimes to a fault.While planning my rendezvous with Nick Jonas, I am hell-bent on getting him to do something totally, apocalyptically gay. A woman with her head in the shampoo bowl predicted that he could be a star and recommended an agent named Shirley.Comeuppance, I think, for him jamming my social-media feeds with all those sexy photos. “It’s strange how clear that memory is,” Jonas says of that afternoon. It was my favorite thing to do—still is, it turns out.” He learned some show tunes, and within a couple of years was auditioning on Broadway.

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