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We then add a trigger, which listens to the Is Mouse Over property - once this property changes to True, we apply two setters: We change the Foreground to red and then we make it underlined.This is a great example on how easy it is to use triggers to apply design changes, completely without any code-behind code.The second Text Box uses the Lost Focus value, which is actually the default for a Text binding.It means that the source value will be updated each time the destination control loses focus.To see how all of these options work, I have updated the example from the previous chapter to show you all of them: As you can see, each of the three textboxes now uses a different Update Source Trigger.The first one is set to Explicit, which basically means that the source won't be updated unless you manually do it.In the previous article we saw how changes in a Text Box was not immediately sent back to the source.

Triggers come in multiple flavors: Property triggers, event triggers and data triggers.We then supply a default style, where the text is "No" and the foreground color is red, and then, using a Data Trigger, we supply a style for when the Is Checked property of the Check Box is changed to True, in which case we make it green with a text saying "Yes! element, are mostly used to trigger an animation, in response to an event being called.We haven't discussed animations yet, but to demonstrate how an event trigger works, we'll use them anyway.For that reason, I have added a button next to the Text Box, which will update the source value on demand.In the Code-behind, you will find the Click handler, where we use a couple of lines of code to get the binding from the destination control and then call the Update Source() method on it.

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