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And for most New Yorkers, monogamy is as over as cupcakes and yellow cabs.

Only 22 percent of Big Apple respondents said that they’ve been in one long-term relationship over two years, according to the survey.

Jackson Heights, however, is teeming with single men.

The Queens enclave has the highest concentration of single men, with about 1.8 men to every woman, the NYCEDC reports.

If it hasn't, just do what my mother does: run a criminal background check on everyone you go out with from now on.

Say you have other plans or just flat out say you don't want to hang tonight.The dating site worked in partnership with anthropologist Dr. In 2014, 46.3 percent of respondents said they went on a first date, with only 12 percent saying that they went on a first date, implying that their lone foray into the dating game was a sour one.As for etiquette while on an (apparently elusive) date, most New Yorkers agree with the old adage of never talking about religion or politics, at 65 percent and 57 percent, respectively.Not surprisingly, children were also high on the verboten list of first date topics.There also appears to be an imbalance when it comes to dating challenges.

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