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Google just returned 304,000 results in 0.31 seconds. They all provide contradictory opinions and advice -- way too much!

If the article is written for women over 50 it will contain a litany of topics and observations.

The Rare Dating Tips Guide has shown me the key to dating success!

I suggest you get on this road with me and cruise past the gurus!

Many of my interests, desires and passions haven't changed. At 30 I only found women in their 20s and early 30s attractive, I now find women in their 30s through 60s attractive.

It's not the chronological age -- it's all about outlook and frame of mind.

Finding, approaching and getting to know someone often feels like a complicated, impossible task.

However, if you deal with your fear of rejection and practice your social skills, you can turn dating into a fun experience.

Men -- you're probably nodding your head in agreement. Women -- most likely you're shaking yours with aggravation, frustration and resignation. I know the above statement doesn't represent the feelings or attitudes of all men or reflect the experiences of every woman.

It was not until I read The Rare Dating Tips Guide I realized what good information is all about.

The Rare Dating Tips Guide showed me how to TRULY be successful with women, new, innovative dating e Book with the content to boot. Now becoming successful with women has never been so simple, every few minutes of reading from this e Book and WAM! Now is the time for the novice, the new guy to step up and be counted amongst the big players, the gurus, the guys who are successful with so many hot women.

The word that most frequently pops into my head when thinking about women my age is jaded.

Certainly understandable, but frustrating nonetheless. When socializing age appropriately (whatever that means) many of the women I encounter seem to be dour and lacking in humor and that certain excitement about life that I find so enthralling, nourishing and satisfying. No offense is intended by this statement -- it's simply a reflection of personal experiences.-- and I know I am making huge generalizations! On the rare occasion I meet a woman that is smart, animated, engaging and with whom I share some chemistry it's an unexpected thrill.

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