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The contrast between their passionate, dysfunctional affair in season six, and their platonic, cautious friendship in season seven is striking, and in the end it's clear that Spike understands the older, darker Buffy in a way none of her friends entirely can.

And there's just no denying the ridiculous chemistry between Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters, which was evident as early on as season two and made them endlessly compelling to watch. Simply put, Willow and Tara shared the most stable, functional and mutually loving relationship in the entire Buffyverse,.

But what also becomes clear is that the relationship works only in a time capsule, like everybody's first teenage romance they think will last forever.

Buffy is a high schooler, and Angel has the emotional maturity of a high schooler, and both grow up significantly after their breakup at the end of season three, with Buffy going off to college and Angel leaving to star in his own show.

The history between them is palpable when Spike shows up in Sunnydale, and all of their rivalries (over Drusilla, over Buffy, over the Shanshu Prophecy) feel a little bit like protesting too much.

This line from Spike is pretty much all you need to know: "Angel and I have never been intimate – except that one…" These guys know each other on every conceivable level, and by the end of , it was pretty hard to imagine any relationship eclipsing her epic romance with Angel.

Turn-of-the-century television being what it was, much of their early romance is left to off-screen implication – it wasn't until season five, a whole year into their relationship, that Willow and Tara shared their first on-screen kiss.

And frustrating though that is, the limitation actually made their developing romance so much more atmospheric and textured than it would have been if they'd been free to make out: instead of the obvious, we get candles being blown out and orgasmic magic spells.

She was always a difficult character to get a handle on, sometimes written as a person and sometimes a collection of prickly quirks (Obsessed with money! That would be fine, except that it never Look at them. We'll never get over the fact that Joyles (best ship name ever, y/y?

The fact that Xander finally notices Willow only when she's no longer available speaks volumes (Xander = actually pretty awful in early This low ranking isn't for the wonderful, layered friendship between Angel and Cordy, which developed gradually over the course of three seasons – it's purely for the shoehorned-in romance between the pair, which culminated in the mess that was Cordelia's storyline in season four. For whatever reason, when she was around him she became a lesser version of herself, drifting away from her friends and doubting her own capabilities. Once a newly human Darla came back to interact with an ensouled Angel, things got very interesting, with Angel fighting to redeem Darla, Darla trying her best to turn him evil, and Darla ultimately staking herself to save the life of their unborn child – "the one good thing we've ever done together".

A quick refresher: Just as Angel and Cordelia were about to finally confess their not-especially-convincing feelings for each other, Cordelia's whisked away by a higher power, and returns possessed by a demonic entity. Had their relationship ever had a chance, they might be higher on this list, but as it is it's hard to see why the Riley's not as bad as you remember – like season four as a whole, his relationship with Buffy starts out enjoyably enough, has its moments, and then becomes terrible without much warning. It's no coincidence that season five becomes Sure, sometimes opposites attract. kind of okay but forgettable pairings which mostly feel like a placeholder until more interesting things come along. Even in the Buffyverse, romance doesn't get much more tragic or complex than this.11.

Their love was so exceptional that having sex with Buffy represented a moment of perfect happiness for Angel – and we all remember how that turned out.

There's no denying the aching heartbreak of "Close your eyes", or the swoonworthy romance of Angel showing up for one last dance at Buffy's prom.

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