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Each cup is a different color with matching saucer and plate in the same color. ``in the missing color, that is if I am missing a color. I travel to the uk yearly if someone has this, also, like you I would like to get an estimate of value,, thanks B Hello again, I may be able to help you. I was missing the dark green cup, the blue cup, and the pink saucer. Standard post is about £3, if I send it 1st class/recorded, it will be between £4-£5 (They couldn't be too exact as I didn't have it wrapped at the time they gave me my price.).

I won a dark green cup, saucer and plate on e Bay, but found that the cup and saucer, are slightly smaller than mine. Anyway, the diameter of the cup is the same, it's just the height that's different. My saucers measure 5 7/8"d and the new one is 5 1/2"d. I'd be willing to let the set go, for what I paid for it, approx. ) unless you want to pick it up in person from the Isle of Arran on your next visit to Britain. Regards, Ex-pat Californian, now living in Britain I knew you were going to ask for something like that. How are we going to do this without making our personal details public knowledge?

Look for rare patterns by collectible manufacturers in good condition for the best value for your money.

Ironstone tea and coffee pots are collectible as well as the china pieces.

Only because I dread having to do something too technical on this contraption. I'm just writing this for the moment, so that you know I'm attempting to send the photos, and that they will follow eventually. It seems to be from when it was manufactured, not from wear. That's why I was hoping we could get off this site and communicate through direct e Mails.

(I have friends that are much more adept.) Fingers crossed! I can't see any wear on the gilded bits, where it's usually the first place where wear is shown. I know you tried to give me your e m a i l a d d r e s s , but this site spotted it and wouldn't let it through. Please try again or (my unlisted number, at least it was).

Adding to this though, I have acquired a matching pair of Hadley Ware Ornamental Vases that I'm trying to get valued.

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I've seen full sets go for between £30 - £50 on e Bay. Light green, dark green, burgundy, dusky pink, light blue and yellow. Crystal stemware that has been around for over a century, especially pieces from famous manufacturers like Waterford, can end up being very valuable to the right collector.Similarly, German beer steins can also fetch a high price if they are older or made by a well-known company.Knowing the worth of your antique dishes -- whether they are glassware or china -- is essential for insurance and resale purposes.It's also good to know a baseline price when you look for additions for your collection.

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