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On the other hand, it would be destructive for his not too big “thievish” authority to stay in “red” zone with the right of a big wig.

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For example, they wrote that during the search of Georgian “thief within the law” Sumbat Abasov, following by transit through Ulyanovsk pre-trial detention center to Verkhneurals prison, was confiscated part of “common fund” cash and cell phone.“Thieves” with the experience of imprisonment are more respected by their colleagues.It seems that following that logic Sumbat with no reason beat up one convicted, stepped on the way of recovery.Protesting against withdrawal from “thief within the law” of prohibited stuff, part of prisoners tried to press the administration by threat of mass mutilations, but that trick had no success.According to “Prime Crime”, in left by him Novocherkassk colony, Abasov also didn’t manage to organize a strong back after him.

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